Yesterday I had the pleasure to demo the Alfaparf Lisse smoothing system to one of my clients. To be honest I had some reservations. In the past I have tried several of the Keratin based smoothing products and I was never completely sold on them, furthermore I didn’t like that there were possible health risk with using these products. Many keratin based products contain formaldehyde which can cause all kinds of health problems, although it doesn’t affect everyone there are still risks, and honestly I didn’t want to take any chances. You see many companies claim that their products are formaldehyde free but if you do your research you will find that these claims are not true, in most cases if they don’t contain formaldehyde they do produce “free formaldehyde”. (Free formaldehyde-when you apply heat via flatiron to the hair to “iron in” the keratin treatment, if you get smoke from the contact that is free formaldehyde, which you are inhaling. YIKES!) Needless to say I stopped searching for a product and only preformed these services when clients insisted.

Alfaparf Lisse is 100% formaldehyde free and it doesn’t produce free formaldehyde either, yay doing the happy danceJ.  Lisse’s active ingredients are hydrolyzed keratin, quarternized collagen and glyoxylic acid and are infused with organic babasuu oil together these reshape hair keratin chains and change their arrangement, removing bonds to create a long lasting straight shape that can be immediately styled and color treated. The Babasuu oil contains 70% lipids which keep the hair soft and supple while protecting from breakage it also creates a silky finish and high shine.











Lisse design keratin therapy

Its revolutionary straightening treatment containing Keratin! 100% safe, versatile and high-performance:

* Smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle-free hair using an innovative Keratin-based technique.
* 100% safe, conforms to European and international standards.
* Lasting result (up to 3 months).
* Eliminates frizz.
* Paraben-free.

 Keratin combined with the properties of oils:

* Kera-Collagen Complex
* Complex containing Hydrolysed Keratin and Quaternised Collagen. The complex that guarantees long-lasting smoothness (up to 3 months). With the aid of heat, it reshapes the arrangement of the hair’s keratin chains, straightening them to give the characteristic smooth result.
* Babassu oil
* A precious oil with extraordinary emollient properties from the Amazon leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.

Description: A square face shape is almost as wide as it is long. The jaw is broad and square. The sides of the face are straight and your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width. It most cases the hairline is straight.


Best Haircuts: Slightly angled bobs also know as the “LOB” look great because the heaviness of the cut lays around your face and helps disguise the squareness of the face. Most cuts can be worn just make sure your have lots of layers, preferably to enhance natural waves. If you don’t have natural waves or curls have your hairdresser show your some ways to create them on your own.


Styling Ideas: Curved side swept bangs work well because they help bring attention to the eyes instead of the jawline.  Loose waves look good because your can create wave/curve in the right places to help conceal the harsher corners of the face. Blunt choppy bangs that are rounded at the sides and they will especially look great with a pony tail or high bun.


Celebrity examples: Olivia Wild, Demi Moore





CENTER PART- A center part will conceal the upper corners of your square shape. I love Olivia’s chignon here (see bottom center photo). The soft pieces that fall out in front lay lightly along the sides of her jawline which soften the square visually.

CHOPPY BANGS- I don’t usually recommend heavy blunt bangs for someone with a square face shape because it can make your jaw appear even more square, however if you want a heavier bang make them choppy and rounded on the sides (see bottom right photo).

PONYTAIL- This is the best way to wear a ponytail with a square face shape, in my opinion. The messy texture and loose, soft pieces in front allow you to play up the fact that you have a great jawline (consider yourself lucky because some of us don’t!) but the ponytail doesn’t look severe. It’s soft and feminine and works well with the harder lines of a square shape.

TOP KNOT- If you want to wear a top knot either just go for it and let that jawline shine or try pairing it with a “Bardot Bang” (which you can find it right HERE) to soften it up.

Description: The widest points of your jaw are slightly wider than the widest points of your face. Generally a pear face has a distinctly narrow forehead, the cheeks “flair”out and the chin is rounded.


Best Haircuts: Pear shapes look great with short hair, especially a bob, because it can be styled in so many different ways and you can wear it in several different lengths. A bob helps to disguise the width of the of the wider jaw and draws focus to right areas. If you want to wear your hair longer keeping some face framing layers looks best.


Styling Ideas: A deep side part looks great on a pear shape, it helps disguise the width at the jawline. Show off your face with a high ponytail or the popular high bun/top knot. Wear it super sleek with a center or just off center part, this will help make the face look more oval.

CURLS, CURLS, CURLS, any type of curl looks great on a pear shape, so rock your natural curl or wave our add some iron curls or flatiron waves!


Celebrity Examples: Kelly Osborn, Minni Driver

Description: The rectangle is exactly the same as the square except that the face is definitely longer than it is wide. The jaw is broad and square. The sides of the face are straight and the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width. The hairline is most likely straight.


Best Hairstyles: Usually super long haircuts don’t work well because they add to the length of the face. Instead opt for an angled bob. Much like the square face this will help disguise the harshness of the jawline because the weight of the haircut lays close to your jawline. If you want to wear a different type of haircut wear something with lots of layers and  texture


Styling Ideas: Lots of waves, if you don’t have natural waves ask your hairdresser to show you how to create waves on your own. If your do have natural curls or waves take advantage of them!

When wearing your hair up go for styles that are loose and romantic instead of pulled back with no hair loose around the face. Side swept bangs are a great option for rectangles.


Celebrity examples: Sandra Bullock


Description: This face shape is known as the “ideal” face shape. This is often because oval shaped faces are more versatile when it comes to haircuts and styles.  With ovals your can do just about anything because there are no major corners at the hairline or the jawline. The Jawline is slightly rounded and the face is slightly longer than it is wide. The face is divided into three equal horizontal sections and the face has no extreme features such as large eyes, mouth or nose.

Haircuts: Oval face shapes can pull off just about any haircut from super long, to pixie, but you should still keep in mind all of your features and what your type of hair. Think about what you have to work with…Do you have a cowlick or whirl? Do you have a long neck? Do your ears stick out? Are you willing to spend time on styling your hair? Is your hair fine or thick, curly, wavy or straight?
Style ideas: An oval can try just about anything, this is because ovals aren’t trying to balance out parts of their face, like other face shapes do.  Keep in mind that your don’t want to crowd an oval face because it can narrow the face shape.  A rule of thump is to always have one cheekbone exposed. Ovals can easily switch from a deep side part or a center part but keep in mind when parting in the center that some of your can make your oval look oblong if your don’t tuck one side behind your ear, or pin one side off your face. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone, it can depend on your other features.  Have fun with styling, go super sleek one day and loose waves the next, try a high ponytail or a braided bang! Just remember to not over crowd the face!

Celebrity examples: Eva Mendez, Jessica Alba.

Description: A round face shape is close to the same length and width and doesn’t have a pronounced jaw. You can pretty much wear any hairstyle that you want but you want to make sure that you have a lot of texture and movement going on. This means your will want to have layers put in. If you are comfortable with short hair, go with it. Pixie’s and bobs look great with round face shapes.


Styling Ideas: Bangs…you can wear bangs but be careful with how you have them cut. If you have a short forehead your probably want to avoid bangs but if your have an average size forehead opt for bangs that are a little longer and side swept. Wear your hair in a high pony tail, the height of the pony tail can help lengthen your face. Wear it with some hair falling naturally around the front of your face. Try a deep side part it makes the face look more oval.


Celebrity examples: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kirsten Dunst

Description: Your face is definitely longer than it is wide and your jaw-line is softly rounded. The sides for your face are straight and your forehead cheekbones and jaw-line are the same width. Also, your hairline may be rounded.

Best Hairstyles: Usually ladies with oblong face shapes want to widen their face shape so it doesn’t appear to long. Long bangs that hit just the below the eye when bangs are dry and styled. Your can also wear layers that are shorter, they will help widen the face if they fall a little below the eye when dry. Usually straight sleek styles don’t work as well with oblongs because the face looks longer. Keep the cheekbones visible. Steer clear of a hard bob, this will add length to your hair, but your can pretty much do any other haircut and create the width that your need to make your face shape work. NOTE: Keep in mind that you need width not height with an oblong face shape. Height with your hairstyle will add length to your face shape.

Styling Ideas: Side sweep; tuck your hair behind one ear then pull the bulk of your hair to the other side see pictures above). Soft, loose curls that have some bounce to them. Soft curls give the feeling of “roundness” which takes away from the length.   If your have curls, let them be! Wear them wild and fun, but try to keep them off your face. Natural curls are great for Oblong face shapes because they add “horizontal volume” which once again adds width to the face shape.

Celebrity Examples: Sarah Jessica Parker, Joam Smalls


Description: You are wider at the forehead than it is at the jaw, basically an inverted triangle is a heart shape without a widow’s peak.

Best Hairstyles: Bangs are a great option because usually ladies with this face shape want to take attention off of their forehead. A wavy bob with bangs is flattering because it softens and balances this face shape.

Styling ideas: Half-up dos are great for inverted triangles, it can narrow the forehead and widen the look of the cheekbones and jaw line. Full up dos, such as chignons or messy ponytails look great with a few soft pieces left out around the face. Center parts are the way to do with this face shape, although you can always change it up with a deep side part a center part is always flattering.

Celebrity Examples: Anja Rubik, Kate Hudson, Katherine Heigl


Description: The cheek is slightly wider then the hair line, then drops into a pointed chin. There are no wide-set/squared off corners along the jaw line. Heart shapes also have a widow’s peak. Inverted triangles are often mistaken for heart shaped therefore the widow’s peak is what makes the heart face shape.
Best hairstyles: You can wear your hair in various styles with a heart shaped face. A one length bob will help soften a strong jaw line. If you are a little bolder and want to show off your face shape try a sleek crop. Face framing layers will help highlight facial features, especially if you want to wear your hair longer. Also, soft side swept bangs look great on hearts and usually work well because of your widow’s peak.
Note: Don’t force a center part with your widow peak, normally it won’t fall in the center so a “slightly to one side” part will work better and usually heart shapes can rock a deep side part with no problem! Beware of blunt bangs thanks to that widow’s peak; it can be done but only commit to them if you’re willing to put the effort in every morning to style them!

Styling ideas: Long, piecey sides bangs will accentuate the eyes and take attention away from the jaw line. Face framing layer that are styled around the face apposed to flip out will soften the jaw line as well. Loose waves on shoulder length hair look great because they help to soften the strong jaw line. Braid the hair back away from your face to show off that pretty heart shape!

Celebrity examples: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kourtney Kardashian